Various gauge sizes Safety butterfly needle with a safety mechanism to protect
the user from needlestick injuries. The protective shield is pushed over the
needle with one hand and irreversibly snaps into place as soon as the needle is
covered. Thanks to the flexible wings, the Venodrop safety needle can be placed
precisely and securely fixed onto the patient’s skin.
• Safety winged infusion set
• Compliant with TRBA 250
• Effective protection from needlestick injuries
• Safety mechanism can be activated using only one hand
• Colour-coded wings facilitate puncture and securement of the needle
• Tube length: 30 cm
• With Luer-Lock connection
• DEHP-free
• Latex-free
• Individually sterile packed
Arterial Cannula Floswitch
• Designed for insertion into peripheral arteries, for determination of blood
gas estimations or monitoring blood pressure. Prevents back-flow
thereby reducing the risk of air emboli and potential contamination by
exposure to blood


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